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  Wickham Market Church


People to Jesus

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Fundraising Group for the Beehive, Nakuru

- If you would like a Blessings Jar , ask Ruth Leigh or Pam Jenkins - if you wanmt to know whatr one is, ask peole around you in church, someone near you will have one!


Tuesday, 29th September Joint meeting for Home Groups


Suffolk Historic Churches Trust Sponsored Bike Ride

Saturday 12th September 0900 – 1700

Cyclists and walkers – sponsor forms and a list of open churches available from Wendy Berry


Who are we?                                    

We are a family church in a large rural village in Suffolk.

Church is a family, and we learn from each other. From life changing events we share, to true inspiration from each other, we have an important journey to make, called LIFE. Living it together makes it so much bigger and better.

Messy Church

    @ Wickham church


Theme - The good, the bad and the ugly



Theme - Loyalty, Love and Law



Fighting Giants                                      

Sunday 30th August

11am at Wickham is a Holy Communion Service



Sunday Sept 6th



Sunday Sept 13th

Prayer link.

Weekly events

Tuesday - Home Groups (day time and evening groups)

Thursday evening - Youth groups at the Beehive.

Boys brigade at the church

Friday 10.30am ‘Open Door’ drop in (biscuits, coffee, cake and chat) – at Wickham Church.

Sunday 7:30 "Revive" at the Beehive.